a tool cabinet for specialized retailers

The future of small retailers is under duress. Amber believes that individual, specialist and authentic stores are in fact desperately needed in a society where mass production reigns supreme. Stores that touch consumers, provide craftsmanship and do not stand still, but rather redesign old ways of shopping. Amber observes interesting developments in the retail sector. 

The new retailer is an inventor, communicator and a connector. Stores become a meeting place, with retailers serving as the binding factor. In our so-called ‘zap-culture’, consumers have a longing for personality, connectivity, authenticity, storytelling and experience. Our material needs are satisfied and our focus is reoriented to more psychological and emotional needs. Amber’s new retail strategy ‘Intuitive Retail’ is a response to this. It provides a new basis for customer relations, whereby creating shared experiences is a major binding factor. 

Amber developed as her master graduation project six new store strategies in collaboration with Judith ter Haar. These strategies allow retailers to position their store, to develop customer relations by organizing events and to engage in community building. The intuitive retail strategies – named Factory Storey, Life Academy, Curated Home, House of Investment, Lodge of Knowledge and Mansion of Heritage – can be found in her ‘tool cabinet’. This cabinet consists out of three inspirational booklets.